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The solution is not generating audit reports

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  1. Agent is not installed or not updated.
  2. Auditing is not enabled.
  3. Audit Rule is not applied or not updated.

Solution 1

Click “Refresh” in the LepideAuditor for File Server Auditing console.

Please check whether the agent is installed properly on the File Server.

If not, please install and update the agent.

Solution 2

Check whether auditing is enabled. If not, start the auditing to fix the problem.

Solution 3

Check whether the Audit Rule is applied on the File Server. If not, create an audit rule and apply it to fix the problem.

Solution 4

Please check whether the changes are in accordance with the applied audit rule. For example, if you have applied an Audit Rule for Shared Folders only and you are trying to audit changes made to non-shared folders it will not work.

Modify or apply the Audit Rule as per your requirement.

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