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Which port LepideAuditor Suite uses?

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LepideAuditor Suite and its different components uses the following ports.

  1. LepideAuditor Suite replies to communicate with the following ports.
    1. Port 389 and Port 636 for LDAP queries.
    2. Port 445 for RPCSS (remote procedure call services)
    3. Port 135 for communication to Event Logs
    4. TCP/5985 (HTTP) and TCP/5986(HTTPS) for Remote PowerShell Communication
    5. Default Port for SQL Server Communication. In most cases, the default port for SQL is 1433.
  2. We also use the following Microsoft functions.
  3. OpenEventLog, which uses Port 445 and Port 135
  4. ReadEventLogt, which uses Port 445 and Port 135
  5. AdsOpenObject, which uses Port 389 and Port 636
  6. LepideAuditor Suite Web Console uses Port 7778 (HTTP). You can change the Port Number.
  7. LepideAuditor App uses Port 1051.
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