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ISSUE: Migration analyzer which seems to work fine, but when tried to save the Report in Excel Sheet it is not saving report.

Debiprasanna -

Below are the issues which I am facing:

  1. It just hangs and does not produce any error message,
  2. Does nothing until force close the process,

III. Even on a report with less than 50 files it does not respond which leaves a 0 byte file in the Documents directory.

Result:  Regarding this, we need to perform below steps so that we would be able to save the report.


While saving the report, the program is trying to launch Excel in the background and also while launching the program, Excel Compatibility Checker is activating which requires input before the Excel Sheet can be saved.

Screen shots:





To do this, please run Task Manager and right click the process within Task Manager and select “Bring to Front”

This shows the Excel Compatibility Dialog Box and allows you to click OK and then report will be saved.



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