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Issue-> User need to wait for more than 10 mins to Log in to their systems. This happens after deploying the logon/logoff module in lepide auditor suite.

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This happens if Run logon scripts synchronously is configured for computers and users in Group Policy.


If you enable this policy, Windows Explorer does not start until the logon scripts have finished running. This setting assures that logon script processing is complete before the user starts working, but it can delay the appearance of the desktop.

If you disable this policy or do not configure it, the logon scripts and Windows Explorer are not synchronized and can run simultaneously.



To resolve the issue for delayed logon process perform the steps below:-


1)     Open the gpmc.msc

And make sure “Run logon scripts synchronously” is not configured for any logon scripts.


You can open  group policy management console by typing gpmc.msc in “Run”


Then perform the following:


1)Under “User configuration”

->administrative template-> system->scripts-> “Run logon scripts synchronously” -à Make it “Not configured”


2)     Under “computer configuration”

Go to -> administrative template-> system-> scripts->“Run logon scripts synchronously” -à Make it “Not configured”


After performing the steps run -> gpupdate /force


Now users should be able to log in to the computers without delay.







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