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The software is showing some files as stale objects but they are not

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Either stale object setting is not configured correctly in “Current Permission Scan Settings” or Windows OS is treating all objects as stale objects.

Solution 1

Please make sure to correctly configure the Stale Object Settings in “Current Permission Scan Settings.” The files and folders will be depicted as stale once they fall in the provided time.

Solution 2

If all objects are being displayed as Stale Objects or the status of the stale objects is not being displayed correctly, then it means that the date/time of the last access or modification to a file/folder has not been updated. Please note that the File Server does not modify the last access date and time of the modified/accessed files and folders, by default. You have to enable a certain property to get this information precisely.

Follow the steps below to modify this system property and to get the accurate last access date and time.

  1. Run the Command Prompt as Administrator.
  2. Click "Yes", if User Access Control dialog box appears.
  3. Execute the following command at the Command Prompt.

fsutil behavior set disablelastaccess 0

Here, value '0' is provided to disable the last access. You can provide '1' to enable the last access.

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