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Message “No user or group have permission to access this folder” is displayed in Current Permissions

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  1. The selected user to configure the Current Permission Scan Settings does not have the required administrative privileges on the File Server or on the particular folder.
  2. The selected user does not have list folder, read and read extended permission on the folder.

Solution 1

Please make sure that the user with which the File Server is added should be a member of “Domain Admins” group.

If the selected user, with which file server is added, does not have the administrative privileges then you have to provide the login credentials of such a user while adding the data set.

Solution 2

Please check whether the particular folder is accessible by the users or not. If yes, then please check whether the user, with which File Server or Data Set is added, has sufficient permission to access this folder or not.

Solution 3

Please make sure that the selected user have “list folder”, “read”, and “read extended” permissions on the folder.

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