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Arindum -

Thank you for showing interest in our products. We have self-service solution for managing users in domain.

The members of Ad group can request themselves to enrol for managing their own user account. An administrator
is going to send enrollment email asking the users in  to enroll for account management.

After the user enrolls then they would be able to perform the following operations:-

1)self password reset
2)self unlock account
3) unlock account on behalf of
4)automatic user account unock
5)self unlock account
6)re-set pasword on behalf of user
Alternatively, you can set customized policy as per OU. Means that certain Ou can manage a number of users which will have a policy in place.
If you want to exclude certain users then you have an option to remove them directly from the Ou.

The name of the tool is Lepide Active Directory Self Service. Let me provide you some useful links that would help you understand the software better.
Please follow the links below:-



I believe this information is helpful. For any sales queries about licensing you can contact:- Sales@lepide.com. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

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