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ISSUE: I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling Lepide Migrator for document software, but the demo version is ‘expired’. How do you fully uninstall it from the registry?

Debiprasanna -

SOLUTION:  You can completely delete/uninstall the software from the machine in three steps, those are mentioned below:

Step 1:  

Please go to “regedit” >> HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT >> you will find it within “CLSID” under “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT”. There would be maximum 8-10 files (without braces) or it could be less which you need to delete.

Refer the screenshot below:-


Step 2:

There will be another presence of these .dll files on this path C:\Windows on the machine where you have install the software. Now find and delete the files named with alphanumeric characters. Delete all those files from this place.

Refer the screenshot below:-



Step 3:

Now go to C:\ProgramData\ LMDLicense, delete the folder LMDLicense.

Once you have performed all the above steps you are ready to install a new copy on the same machine.

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