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Configure SMS Gateway in LADSS

Devvrat Verma -

Perform the following steps to configure SMS Gateway Settings.

  1. Right-click icon of Lepide Active Directory Self Service in the system tray and click “Show Admin Login”. Administrator Login page opens up in the system default Web browser.
  2. Provide the credentials of an administrator and click “Login” to enter in “Admin Console”.
  3. Go to “Configuration” tab to open the software configuration
  4. In the left panel, click “SMS Server Settings” under “Self Service Configuration” to access the settings to send SMS notifications. “SMS Server Settings” page appears on the screen.
  5. In “SMS Provider” drop-down menu, click to select “SMS Gateway”.

Figure 1: Sample SMS Server Settings

  1. In “HTTP/HTTPs URL” field, enter the URL as provided by the SMS service provider. For example,


  1. In “HTTP/HTTPs Parameters” field, enter the connection parameters generated provided by service provider. For example,


Make sure to add a mobile number and the message in place of <%mobileNo%> and <%message%> respectively.

  1. Enter the recipient mobile number.
  2. Click "send test sms" to verify the connection.
  3. Click “Save” to save the settings.

SMS Server Settings is configured now.


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