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Error "Invalid Class String" or "Class not Registered"

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After installing the solution, you may see either of the following error messages appear on the screen.

  1. Class not registered. Please make sure Outlook is installed or configured properly.
  2. Invalid Class String. Please make sure Outlook is installed or configure properly.

Figure: Invalid Class error


  1. Microsoft Outlook is not properly installed or configured.
  2. The solution is not able to use to establish a connection with Outlook.

Solution 1

  1. Check Microsoft Outlook is working properly.
  2. If not configured, create a profile in Outlook for the target Exchange Server.
  3. Connect to the Exchange Server and update the folders in the profile.
  4. If Outlook is not properly installed, then reinstall Microsoft Outlook.

Solution 2

If Outlook is working properly, then try to register the redemption.dll file with the following command: -

  1. For 32-bit: Execute the following command either at Run or at Command Prompt.
    regsvr32 redemption.dll
  2. For 64-bit: Follow the below steps,
    1. Run the Command Prompt.
    2. Execute the following command.
      cd \Windows\syswow64
    3. Now, execute the following command.
      regsvr32 redemption.dll

Solution 3

Perform the following steps.

  1. Uninstall the solution.
  2. Remove the installation folder - %ProgramFiles%\Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager.
  1. Reinstall the solution.
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